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The seeds of invention often require protection from the weather of today’s global competition. Carstens & Cahoon, LLP offers both the legal and technical insight needed for your intellectual property to prosper and grow. We are intellectual property attorneys dedicated to helping our clients protect their ideas so they can thrive in any environment.

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Monkey Can Selfie But Can He Copyright?

What do whales, dolphins and porpoises have in common with a monkey of the Celebes crested macaques-type from Northern Sulawesi (Indonesia)?  And how does that in turn connect with the concept of “next friend” in the context of “standing”?  In fact, what is “standing”?  All of these are brought together in a tale that starts in Sulawesi with a monkey named Naruto and a photographer named David John Slater, who contrived to leave his photographic equipment unattended in the hope monkeys would activate it.  Seeing his opportunity, Naruto approached and took several selfies. 

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Everyone Copied My Code!!

Over 75% of Americans use a smartphone today according to the Pew Research Center. As a result of the large number of people utilizing smartphones, smartphone operating systems and applications are being developed at an ever-increasing pace. For software developers, one question that is not often considered until it is too late, is what can I do to protect my developments? 

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