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At Carstens & Cahoon, we have the technical expertise and legal acumen to provide innovative — yet practical — advice to help you acquire and defend your intellectual property rights around the globe. We are a full-service intellectual property boutique dedicated to listening and responding to each client’s specific needs.

Getting Intellectual Property Rights

Whether your needs require patent, trademark or copyright protection, we can help.

International Intellectual Property Rights

We have a command of the regulations unique to international IP law and experience obtaining IP rights around the world.

Litigating Your Intellectual Property Rights

Patent litigation is complex and demanding, requiring counsel with the appropriate legal and technical expertise. Carstens & Cahoon has been instrumental in achieving favorable results for many clients.

Avoiding Litigation and Defending Litigation

Litigation is not the best course of action in every situation. Carstens & Cahoon works closely with clients well in advance of any litigation, to craft the strategy best suited to each individual client’s needs.

Evaluating Your Risks

We can provide the insight to help you make the right business decisions, saving you time and money.

Valuing Your IP Rights

Understand, quantify and monetize the true value of intellectual property assets.

Franchise and Distribution

The firm’s Franchise and Distribution group assists clients in nearly every phase of the franchising process, from business concept refinement and franchise document preparation to regulatory compliance and franchise sales.

Aviation Law

In the aviation field, Carstens & Cahoon represents clients from across the industry spectrum, including product manufacturers, local and national repair stations and fixed-base operators (FBO) and air carriers.

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