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Patent litigation is complex and demanding, requiring counsel with the appropriate legal and technical expertise. Understanding the risk associated with litigation of a patent requires an ability to carefully dissect the history of the patent and the scope of its claims, something that our attorneys do virtually every day. Carstens & Cahoon's arguments concerning validity and infringement have been instrumental in achieving favorable settlements for clients.

In some cases, settlement negotiations may prove unsuccessful. In these situations, the firm has the manpower and trial experience to vigorously pursue litigation through to a jury verdict. Carstens & Cahoon’s litigation team is focused on understanding clients’ business and individual needs. We recognize that not every client is the same, and we tailor our strategy in each case to fit our client’s needs. We use our years of proven litigation success to obtain the best possible outcome for each case.

International disputes can be brought in a variety of forums. For instance, the International Trade Commission (ITC) provides for an exclusion order against the importation of infringing goods into the United States. The ITC is known for being very efficient, but also fast-paced. As with any litigation, preparation is key and will often make the difference between a good outcome and a bad outcome. Our attorneys understand how to prepare for battle for our clients.

The firm has litigated hundreds of cases for clients of every size, in industries ranging from oil and gas to electronics to medical devices. We have filed and defended cases in federal courts around the country. Carstens & Cahoon’s attorneys regularly litigate in the Eastern District of Texas, one of the most popular forums for patent infringement suits. We also have experience in the ITC, which has become more and more popular in recent years as a forum to enforce patent rights. The firm has spent more than a decade building an impressive litigation track record — and more importantly, well-established relationships with clients.

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