About Us

The Carstens & Cahoon Advantage

We are more than attorneys…we are patent attorneys. Nearly all of our work is with patents and trademarks, which we help clients protect, sell, license or litigate to secure real business value from innovation. At Carstens & Cahoon, we focus on helping our clients gain business advantages through intellectual property through:

Technical Expertise

All of our attorneys have engineering or science degrees, and some hold advanced degrees in their chosen technical fields. This sets us apart from other IP firms and ensures that our clients receive competent legal advice.

Licensed Patent Attorney

Not every attorney – or even every IP attorney – is qualified to handle patent work. Patent attorneys are a rare breed that combines top-notch technical skills and legal insights. In addition to the standard bar exam, our intellectual property attorneys are required to sit for the Patent Bar Exam, which indicates that the attorney has the technical expertise to sit for the exam and has demonstrated proficiency in patent office procedures.

IP Legal Insight

We concentrate on all things IP. Unlike a general practice law firm, almost all of our attorneys live IP day-in and day-out. Our clients see our dedication come through in deeper insights and better counsel.


We don’t reveal sensitive information. We don’t flaunt our clients’ successes and plans. We focus on making you more successful and understand that often calls for confidentiality.


We have a steadfast commitment to providing our clients with independent counsel. Sometimes that means we may disagree with your previous counsel or current course of action. We do this to help our clients get the most value out of their IP assets.


Our attorneys represent clients in their most complex IP matters. We have considerable depth in all areas of IP and work diligently to understand your innovation and business goals before we recommend a legal course of action


We expect our attorneys and staff to treat all of our clients’ and our firm’s resources as if they were their own. We do our best to deliver the best IP solution to each client as cost effectively as possible.