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Colin On The Mark Davis Show!

On February 19th, Colin Cahoon returned to the Mark Davis Show to discuss intellectual property.  The focus of the discussion was on entertainment and highlighted related considerations under copyright, patent, and trademark law. Colin discussed the recent lawsuits against the famous game Fortnite that have been brought under copyright as well as California privacy laws. … Read more »

Women Inventors—Does this group comprise you?

Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Samuel Morse, Henry Ford, Bill Gates—the list of famous male inventors that many Americans can recite from memory are endless.  Mary Kies, Hedy Lamarr, Bette Graham, Josephine Cochrane—do any of these names sound familiar?  These are just a few among many women who hold U.S. patents and have contributed significantly to… Read more »

Recapping 2018—The year of Data Privacy

Last year, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in the European Union (EU) regulating and protecting data from individuals within the EU.  Large US companies operating abroad were forced to update their privacy policies and procedures and have opted to broaden the changes to individuals even outside the EU.  Although GDPR has already… Read more »